One tinc to rule them all

It’s a pretty useful and common practice to allow low level communication between the servers in a safe environment. Also referred to as p2p or mesh network.

Server-side configuration for Angular apps

It’s almost always that Angular applications interact with server-side and many times they need some sort of configuration coming from the server that we don’t want to hardcode in the client. More specific, but very common case, especially in more complex situations, is that Angular app is configured with server-side endpoints using such configuration mechanism. Service registry coming as configuration from the server allows decoupling between the Angular client and server-side.

Spring Boot Admin in Kubernetes

Building applications based on micro-services requires maturity in various areas. One of them is proper insight into application’s health and state from operations and development perspective. While some PaaSs provide full-fledged tooling and UI (like Pivotal Cloud Foundry) other focus on providing CLI-level of tooling (e.g. Kuberentes or Docker Swarm). Spring Boot Admin provides this insight via a great UI for your Spring Boot-based Actuator-enabled micro-services.

Automated Apple MacBook setup

My ideal setup for my MacBook Pro - single script to run. And the script should be maintained as in a repo (getting there). Shouldn’t be any different for any other computer running recent versions of MacOS X.

Using Apache Geode / Pivotal Gemfire with Spring Data and Spring Boot

This quick guide will focus on a couple of things:

  • Standing up Apache Geode to run locally as a Docker container for development purposes and all necessary configuration to serve local Java client
  • Spring Boot Java client to use Apache Geode detailing potential pitfalls (that previously occurred to the author when developing for Apache Geode / Pivotal GemFire)

Setting up a blog with GitHub Pages and Jekyll

  • Set up a GitHub Pages repository
  • Set up a Jekyll and Jekyll project
  • Choose and setup a themes
  • Configure custom domain
  • Add DISQUS comments
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Future steps